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Looking for an outsource marketing agency?

An outsource marketing agency might be the partner you need to grow your technology company.

We’re interested in your projects as well as your large or on-going programs. Whether you want an outsourced CMO, or a full outsourced marketing team, we can craft the right business-to-business marketing program just for you.

HotExpresso is a gathering place of diverse talents. So, if you’re looking for outsourced marketing to assist with projects that require special skills such as setting up a sustainable social media program, building a new website or creating a video series, we can help. Furthermore, our outsourced marketing team can also handle a temporary influx of work or backfill a short-term talent gap.

We’re your outsourced marketing department.

Most often, HotExpresso acts as your marketing director and your marketing department. As such we develop and implement your brand strategy, develop the marketing strategy for your new and existing products or services, and craft your campaigns, events, digital marketing and public relations.

Our team helps you realize the growth potential of your company. We conduct market research to increase your topline revenue. We create and implement a tested marketing strategy. Above all, we set about building your relationships with your audiences and raising your exposure to reach more potential customers.

Let’s form a partnership for business growth.

Increasingly, we’re asked to handle the integration of sales and marketing, or the development and integration of the channel. Similarly, we’ve worked with companies to determine a new business strategy and corporate direction. Today, companies are using data to measure the health and progress of their business. To assist their understanding, we’re also helping existing marketing departments address the value of the marketing spend with the CFO.

Whatever your needs, we work together with you as partners. However, if you’d rather hand over your needs and goals to us and forget about it, then we aren’t the agency for you.

As an outsource marketing agency, we’ve helped clients across North America reach their customers around the world. Our technology roots go back more than 30 years.

We share your passion for technology.

Our outsource marketing agency experience began long before HotExpresso Marketing came to be. All of us on the HotExpresso Marketing team share a passion and commitment to fostering growth in innovative, often complex, technology businesses. Therefore, we know what it takes to market emerging technologies and nurture industry adoption through the ups and downs of the hype cycle.

Above all, we have worked with hardware and software manufacturers to generate revenue. We’ve done this by developing channel partners, implementing extensive lead generation campaigns, and architecting horizontal and vertical cross-channel programs.

Managing Partner D’Anne Hotchkiss has a personal passion for, and extensive knowledge of, the tech industry. Before founding HotExpresso Marketing, she worked as a tech reporter, editorial director, and public relations senior vice president for a technology-client  agency. She spent a decade working in big data, business intelligence, data analytics, and the Internet of Things. Hence, she has a deep understanding of the particular needs and challenges in this industry. As a result, when it comes to business development, extensive marketing programs, and nurturing technology adoption, she knows how to sooth the pain points.

Talk to us if you are an enterprise software company in need of credibility, awareness, or a new source of leads. We can help you if you are tech startup struggling for market traction and visibility.

Our experience spans many industries.

Distribution and Warehousing

Financial Services

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical




Supply Chain Management


Transportation and Logistics


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Like the coffee houses that arose in the Middle East and found their way to Europe and America, HotExpresso is a center for information exchange and communication.

The old methods of information exchange put the seller in charge. Creating a sales funnel was the business goal. Today’s methods of information exchange put the buyer in charge. At HotExpresso Marketing, our goal is to help move your prospects along on their journey to doing business with you.