What We Do

Marketing expressly for you, a lot, or a la carte.

We create the B2B marketing roadmap to advance the growth of your small- or medium-size technology company. Then, we set your strategic direction and execute the tactics. We measure achievements and make course corrections along the way as the market shifts and the industry changes.

Strategic marketing plays a critical role in improving the pace of your business growth and expansion. Business growth and expansion are the twin engines that drive how you’re viewed by customers or clients. They also drive your financial position.

Your B2B marketing roadmap sets the direction.

We design your marketing roadmap to support your business priority. Our broad experience as an agency for B2B tech marketing has included these strategies:

  • Integrating sales and marketing
  • Reducing customer acquisition costs
  • Expanding the customer base
  • Entering new markets
  • Shifting strategic direction
  • Converting leads to customers
  • Gaining more revenue from current customers


We start with understanding your needs and goals. Then we interpret those through the eyes of your customers and prospects. We work within the context of trends shaping your industry today, and within the confines of your budget. Only then do we develop a marketing roadmap designed specifically for your business. The result is a roadmap of recommended strategies and tactics.

Your roadmap will likely include some of these:


HotExpresso.com Logo - Coffee Cup in a circle Branding

Brand Promise

Brand Value

Net Promoter Score

Unique Selling Proposition

HotExpresso.com Logo - Coffee Cup in a circle Campaigns

Lead Generation


Product Launches

PPC (Pay-per-click)

Search Engine Marketing

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Case Studies


Use Cases

Website Content

White Papers

HotExpresso.com Logo - Coffee Cup in a circle Public Relations

Analyst Relations

Media Outreach

News Releases

HotExpresso.com Logo - Coffee Cup in a circle Research

Competitive Opportunity

Customer Perception

Market & Product Expansion

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Platform Management



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Customer Testimonials

On-site, Product & Event Photography

Product Explainers

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New Site

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Site Re-design & Expansion


Our expertise goes beyond marketing to include traditional public relations.

Small companies often need to round out their industry and local presence with related programs. Our practice areas include designing and implementing programs for:

  • Acquisition Integration and Transition
  • Community Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management
  • Industry Leadership
  • Internal Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention

Companies that grow invest in marketing.

Looking for an agency that knows B2B tech marketing? Hiring a marketing agency is a big decision. Perhaps we should talk. We might be just what you need to grow.


b2b marketing roadmap

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