How We Work

We are B2B marketing consultants for small businesses.

As B2B marketing consultants for small businesses, HotExpresso Marketing provides you experienced business-to-business marketing consultants for strategic guidance and for tactical implementation. We manage your marketing for you, at prices that fit your budget.

It’s your marketing, we just do it all for you. 

Our tight integration with your operations means our marketing consultants become your dedicated marketing team. 

There are many ways we can work with you to increase your revenue and deliver a strong return on your marketing investment.

Do you have a small marketing team?

Let us complement the talents of your in-house team. Whether you have a CMO and need tactical staff, or have a tactical staff in need of strategic guidance, HotExpresso Marketing can round out your department with the right resources to fill the gaps. 

Do you need more marketing bandwidth?

Sometimes there’s just more work than the in-house team can handle, but you’re not ready to add full-time staff. Let us be your extra arms and legs. We’re happy to step in and provide help for your product launch, major customer event, content development program, media or analyst road show, or however you need to use us. 

Got a project that requires special skills?

We get it. Chances are, your marketing team is really good at what they do or you wouldn’t have hired them. But no one can be an expert in all areas of marketing. 

As small business marketing consultants for B2B, we bring a variety of special marketing skills. Let HotExpresso Marketing create a website that boosts your image and brings in more sales leads. Or, maybe it’s time to assess your brand strategy or launch a partnership program. Maybe you want to add public relations, or podcasts, or videos, or make your social media efforts actually work for you, not just take your time. We can help.

Why hire HotExpresso Marketing?

As a small business owner, you’ve had your share of growth-limiting challenges. 

Marketing doesn’t need to be one of them.

You know your business. We know technology business marketing. Together we can work in partnership to market your business and create a bigger future for your B2B technology company. 

It’s that simple.


B2B marketing consultants for small businesses

The word espresso is derived from the Italian word for express since espresso is made to order and served immediately to the customer.

We make your business-to-business marketing program expressly for you. Whether you need support for a project, or for a comprehensive program, let’s talk.